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Asbestos removal and disposal

At Steward Environmental Services we offer high quality service in Asbestos removal and disposal, all our staff are trained in accordance with HSE guidelines in removal and handling of non licensed asbestos. 

Our Services

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We can remove and dispose all non licensed asbestos containing materials such as Asbestos cement roof sheets, floor tiles, cement soffits, textured coatings, water tanks and many more.

We can provide Asbestos sampling service where we come to site and take samples of materials that could possibly contain asbestos, and provide documentation to show if materials contain asbestos and what type of asbestos they contain.

We can collect asbestos that has been removed by the homeowner or another contractor. A consignment note will be provided to record that the Asbestos has been disposed of correctly and safely.


Not sure if you have Asbestos in your property or how to manage it? We are always available to offer free advice 

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